In February 2020 Active Communities Experiences consulted the Bridge Hall community to gauge resident opinion to social, cultural and sports provision within the estate and resident satisfaction with the use of local assets. Within 36 hours ACE acquired an online following of 1,700 residents. Resident feedback indicated feelings of disillusionment, disengagement and despondency. 93% of respondents were keen for ACE to create a sport and activities club for use of the local community utilising facilities within the estate.

2020 saw 3 National Lockdowns as a result of the COVID pandemic, Despite such adversity ACE has:-


  • Built an online following of 1,700 residents from the Bridge Hall community and attracted 200 members.

  • Secured match funding for 250 members.

  • Delivered 550 hours of coaching within 21 different class types, and managed 1,517 bookings

  • Membership age range spans 64 years from 3 to 67 years of age. The majority of members are between 5 and 12 years of age.

  • Through consultation and analysis, group classes cater for all ages and abilities. Classes include Zumba Gold, crafting, Street Gym, Walking Football, Boxing, Dance, Football, Walking, Table Tennis, Esports, Netball and Yoga.

  • 84% of members live locally in Bridge Hall, 16% are residents from 20neighbourhoods in and around Stockport (from the bordering suburbs of Adswood, Edgeley, Cale Green and Shaw Heath to further afield - Brinnington, Offerton and Lancashire Hill).

  • Recognising the benefit of ACE provision, Bridge Hall Primary School have committed part of their school budget to pay for ACE annual membership fees of all pupils in Years 5 and 6.

Bridge Hall is classified as an LSOA (Lower Layer Support Output Area: average population of 1,500 people or 650 households).
Bridge Hall Primary School: 168 pupils on roll (aged 3 - 11 years).
Active Communities Experiences (established 2019): 1,700 followers on social media

Membership Fee


Active participation through paid membership supports our founding philosophy of ‘a hand up, not a hand out’. Members commit to paying an all-inclusive and affordable weekly fee of £2.50 (£10 per month). On payment, they gain access to the club’s full schedule of classes, attending as many as they wish.


To cover costs, each member is match funded by private philanthropy, foundations and corporate sponsorship. To date we have sourced match funding for 250members.

There are currently two membership categories: Junior Membership (2 - 15 years),Adult Membership 16 years +

Membership base: Age

Members are from 3 years to 67 years of age, with the largest proportion of members being Junior Members aged between 5 - 12 years.


Membership base: Ethnicity

Membership by ethnic group is representative of the local demographics - most members are of White British Heritage speaking English as a first language. Minority ethnic group representation is small but includes Mixed Multiple Ethnic Groups, Asian/Asian British, Black/African/Caribbean/Black British and Other Ethnic Groups.


Membership base: Location

Roughly 84% of members live locally within Bridge Hall, 16% of members come from the bordering neighbourhoods of Edgeley, Adswood, Cale Green and Cheadle Hulme. Members also travel from Shaw Heath, Bramhall, Cheadle Heath, Reddish, Heavily, Davenport, Heaton Chapel, Stockport Town Centre, Offerton, Lancashire Hill and Woodsmoor.



Hilary Parker MQ

"Steve Cunningham looking forward to seeing what happens. Exciting times ahead!"

Jo Gardiner

"By the way, you deserve a bloody medal for the stuff you do for our childhood communities" 👍🏻 x

Dan James

"Spot on this Steve I'll be joining up and kids will be having a go at street dance and gymnastics, boxing and I'd be interested in the yoga and boxing" 👍

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Matthew Torbitt

"Incredibly excited to finally see a scheme for young people of all backgrounds fully focussed on the communities that matter the most and ran by the very same people that come from said communities. I have no doubts that Active Communities will shape the futures of many young people to come in the most positive way"

Nicola Bennett

"I’ve just shared this on 2 groups that I am a member of. I home educate my son and we are always looking at activities which won’t break the bank. This is perfect and you may find a lot of other home Ed parents will be interested. Do you think that you’d be able to offer any classes during the day time if you had a lot of interest?"

Rachel White


"Me and Colby will be signing up!
He’ll be doing street gym, boxing 
🥊 and maybe a few others once he gets started!
I’ll join for the Zumba, yoga and boxercise brill can’t wait!