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Our zones, while different in geographies and community demographics, wants and needs, share a single vision and commitment:-

•   To ensure that affordable, equitable opportunities are available to all.

•   To adopt a community up approach, ensuring that the custodians of the content, structure and sessions is the community itself.

•   To enable our communities to engage in activity, sport, movement and play, irrespective of age, ethnicity, gender or ability.

•   To build our zones on the strengths that different generations offer.

•   To connect communities and provide intergenerational activities, social engagement and fun.

•   To transform places and co-design existing public assets.

•   To provide an anchor and pathway for greater opportunity and the development of character through sport and activity.

•   To impact positive change from the classroom, to the playground…and beyond the school gates.

•   To impact current and future generations through the power of sport.

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